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Want to get the attention of your employers online? Get tips and tricks from professional recruiters on jazzing up your social media profile? Join this FREE session hosted by the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences Student Alliance.

The event will be featuring John Rose CPC and Tara Orchard, both combined will be sharing over 40 years of human resources and recruiting experience. Top off the event and get ready to impress your potential employers with FREE PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOTS!



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Guest Speaker Profiles

  • John Rose CPC: From Newspaper Boy through Engineering to Recruiter | Coach | How Too Consultant, with several stops on the journey to today! For many years I have [and continue too] embraced change, developed new skills and share them with the passion and belief that ‘the world is not flat’ and ‘you can teach old dogs new tricks’.  I am an exponent of, and apply ‘Best Practices’ in my work. As an established and recognized practitioner in the effective and beneficial utilization of Social Media to connect, communicate and collaborate with people and businesses. Want to find more about me; Search ‘John Rose CPC’ or ‘Resourcefuljohn’ in your favorite search engine! (Get LinkedIn with John:
  • Tara Orchard: One of the original and premier social networking career coaches in Canada. Tara consults, coaches and has presented to 1000’s of people on the topics of career performance, branding, social networking, talent recruitment, team management and more. She works to help people find their best fit careers and jobs and helps organizations find and manage their talent. Founder and Principal at, she has been a featured writer and expert for several Canadian and US websites and online magazines and is currently featured on the and Latin Business Today (US). (Get LinkedIn with Tara:


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