The CSAHS-SA provides funding to both student groups and individuals on campus through the Petitions, Delegations and Representations process (PDR). To receive funding, an organization or individual  must complete a PDR form with can be found here. PDR forms must be completed and submitted to the CSAHS-SA office one week in advance of the next board meeting (see deadlines on our calendar here). Please download the PDR first before filling it in to ensure the inputted information saves to the document! Funding through the CSAHS-SA is only available to undergraduate students. The CSAHS-SA limits the maximum funding for groups at $500 and individuals at $200.

Submit your completed PDR application to: csahs-sa[at]

Note: The PDR budget line usually does not last to the end of the semester. If you are seeking funds ensure you submit your form as soon as possible. Funding is not guaranteed, it is decided on by the CSAHS-SA board of directors.

What is required to PDR?

    • CSAHS-SA PDR form;
    • An up-to-date detailed budget for the organization, event or individual project;
    • A well-written cover letter detailing how the funds will be spent as well as how it will directly benefit students enrolled under the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences. Include any metrics or evidence of your justification in your letter if you have any.

How to prepare for a PDR presentation.

To have a successful PDR presentation there are a number of questions that you must be ready to answer:

1. How many CSAHS students are impacted and/or participating?
2. Have you raised funds elsewhere (other college government or student association PDR funding, SLEF, private sponsorship)?
3. What is innovative about your event? What kinds of impact does it contribute to the community and on what scale?
4. Is your PDR application an academic/educational one? Experiential learning? Social?

To get advice and guidance on how to have a successful PDR application, contact the CSAHS-SA VP of Finance.

Other funding available on campus.

There are a number of other funding opportunities on campus. Funding can also be receive from the CSA and other College Governments on campus as well as through Student Life and Student Affairs. For more information, check out:



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