Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I get involved with the CSAHS-SA?

A1: CSAHS-SA executives are elected at the end of each winter semesters by a board of representatives (one from ADev, AHN, CYF, CJPP, EGOV, GEOG, ID, POLS, PSYC, SOAN, ESSE, SSC, BASSA). Applicants must be nominated and seconded by 10 different students from the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences. Upon submission, applicants must prepare to present why they would be qualified for the position they applied for during a CSAHS-SA board meeting. Presentation must demonstrate not only qualifications, but also dedication and commitment to the role. Nomination forms are usually released in February/March. If you have additional questions, contact us.

Q2: I am an CSAHS-SA Accredited Student Organization (ASO). Who and where should I submit my accreditation form to?

A2: Submit all SOP and ASO forms to the CSAHS-SA VP of Internal Affairs at their office hours in MacKinnon 138. Please be sure to include an up to date constitution and an outline of your fall/winter semester budget.

Q3: I would like to apply for additional funding through the CSAHS-SA PDR. What’s the procedure and what can I do to be successful in my application?

A3: Fill out our application form here and follow the procedures outlined here. Please ensure that you include a well-written cover letter as well as a detailed/outlined budget along with your application form. To be successful, justify how the funding will benefit CSAHS students and provide evidence. Deadlines for applications are posted on our calendar. Be sure to send a representative to present your application at our board meeting, where the decision to approve or disapprove your application will take place. For more information, contact the CSAHS-SA VP of Finance. Submit your completed application to csahs-sa[at]

Q4: I would like to add my event to your calendar and also to advertise it via your newsletter. Who do I send the information to?

A4: Send them to the CSAHS-SA VP of Communications & Promotions. Information that you’d like to be included in our newsletter must be submitted 48 hours before the day the newsletter is scheduled. For the dates of newsletters, see the calendar.

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