CSAHS-SA Elections 2017

Are you interested in the work that we do and want to get involved next year? Well here is your opportunity to become an executive member of the CSAHS-SA!

You can find the CSAHS-SA Elections Nomination application on our Documents page http://csahs-sa.ca/documents/

CSAHS-SA Elections Nomination application is due on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017. Please bring completed applications to the CSAHS-SA Office (Mackinnon 138).


CSAHS-SA Elected Executive Positions:


“As President of the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences Student Alliance (CSAHS-SA), I am responsible for representing students of the College across the university campus. I work with administration and the Dean’s Office to discuss issues pertaining to students on campus, and within the college. I also oversee the executive team, providing support for the additional team members as well as the ten accredited club’s executives. As president, I sit on various committees alongside other college government executives, including the Student Executive Committee, and Student Leadership and Administration meetings. The role of President is super exciting, as you will not only be granted an amazing leadership experience, but also the opportunity to represent student from the college across the university!” – Keely Kavcick, President

Looking for more information? Contact Keely: kkavcick@mail.uoguelph.ca

Vice President of Internal Affairs

“As Vice President of Internal Affairs my main responsibilities include coordinating the ATHENA Mentorship Program between students and faculty, partnering with the CSAHS Dean’s Office to run Career Night, and acting as a resource for the affiliated ASO’s

for each of our programs! If need be, the Vice President of Internal would step into any Presidential roles acting as an alternate.” – Katie Crichton, VP Internal Affairs

Looking for more information? Contact Katie: kcichto@mail.uoguelph.ca

Vice President of Administration

“In the role of Vice President of Administration I work to help organize and support the functions of the executive. Examples of this include booking rooms, ordering food, preparing and organizing board meetings, taking minutes and making agendas. This role was ideal for myself because the duties weren’t too overbearing and this left quite a bit of room for me to help and support the rest of the executive” – Kate Schievink

Looking for more information? Contact Kate: kschievi@mail.uoguelph.ca

Vice President of Finance

“The role entails keeping track of both the alliance’s and the ASO’s budget, clarifying concerns and assisting when needed. The Vice President of Finance is responsible for being accountable for the spending that takes place within the organization. Weekly responsibilities include filing FRFs and signing cheques. Vice President of Finance plays a behind the scenes role for all events and is expected to help assist fellow executive members if need be.” – Deluchini Sivagnanasuntharam, VP Finance

Looking for more information? Contact Del: dsivagna@mail.uoguelph.ca

Vice President of Activities

“My main responsibilities as Vice President of Activities are to coordinate and plan events for all CSAHS students including O-Week, ASO Socials, Brass Taps Nights and the Annual Gala. I also attend biweekly Student Risk Management meetings and I use GryphLife to approve events that our ASOs have submitted. If you enjoy organizing and implementing fun and creative events on campus, this is the position for you!” – Jackie Franck, VP Activities

Looking for more information? Contact Jackie: jfranck@mail.uoguelph.ca

Vice President of Communications

“The Vice President of Communications is responsible for ensuring that CSAHS students are aware of all the opportunities and events available to them on campus and within the Guelph community. This includes creating posters, maintaining our website, sending mass emails, placing merchandise orders, and posting on all social media platforms. If you are creative, persuasive and all over social media this is the position for you!”  – Emma Franklin, VP Communications

Looking for more information? Contact Emma Franklin: franklie@mail.uoguelph.ca

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